Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is This A Dream? Is This Real?

I went to the University of Missouri from 1986 to 1992, and so did most of my closest friends. If I had ever told any of them that one day Mizzou would face an undefeated Kansas Jayhawks team for the conference championship and the chance to play into a national championship game, they would have, at first, thought I was talking about the respective basketball teams. If I told them, "No, I mean football," they would have assumed I was drunk.

Never mind...

My freshman year, Mizzou went 3-8, but we did beat KU 48-0, and we tore down the goalposts in celebration. Sophomore year, 5-6; Junior year, 3-7-1 (a tie?!); Senior year, 2-9; first year of grad school, 4-7; second year of grad school, 3-7-1 (another tie? yeah, to Indiana...again!).

That's six years of college and a combined record of 20-44-1. This year, they're 10-1. If they beat Kansas next weekend, they'll win the Big 12 North and play Oklahoma (who's getting stomped by Texas Tech even as I type this) for the Big 12 Championship. If they win that, they'll probably play in the BCS Championship Game for a national title.

No, and I've been sober for 15 years now. No kidding.