Wednesday, April 06, 2005

American League Preview

AL Champions:
New York Yankees

Until MLB institutes a salary cap and revenue sharing, anything else is superfluous.

p.s. Cardinals beat Yankees in six games in World Series


TUCK! said...

While I still think you missed the Cubs/Reds call (think of it this way: Cubs pitching is hurt, Reds pitching should be in AAA), I did get a kick out of this. Although I suspect the Anaheim California Los Angeles Orange County De la Estados Unidos Angels (or whatever calling themselves today; it is, after all, Wednesday) will throw a scare or two into them.

At least they better. I scouted my AL-only roto team accordingly.

Big Pappa Pump said...

Yanks have too much talent, can't count the Red Sox out either though. New team rising might be Baltimore....Think about it and then look at their team. They have potential and Roberts is already knocking the cover off the ball.

Anonymous said...

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