Monday, June 20, 2005

Let's Plan Ahead

Not to complain too much, seeing as the Cardinals are 9-1/2 games in first place in mid-June, but before too long, the also-rans are going to start offloading talent for prospects, and it would be nice to see Jocketty fill a few holes.

First of all, can we jettison Randy *#$%@! Flores before he does any more damage? This guy couldn't strike out my first grader, and it seems like every time he comes into a game, things just get worse. Maybe they're planning on bringing back Carmen Cali or Jimmy Journell later in the year, but the middle relief is still more like Maalox Moment than Rolaids Relief.

Second, Jeff Suppan's time is up. He's incredibly average, and he just gives up too many runs. If Walt can pull the trigger on a deal for a veteran pitcher (especially another lefthanded starter), Suppan should have his bags packed. He's a glaring hole in an otherwise solid starting rotation, at least when Good Mark Mulder shows up to the park.

Finally, we need a big right-handed bat, for two reasons. Number one, we suck against lefty pitching, and two of our biggest hitters—Edmonds and Walker—are lefties. Don't get me wrong, Mabry, Nuñez and Taguchi have been outstanding off the bench, but none of them are going to strike fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers. A big righty would be a boost off the bench.

Here's the other reason, and the one I think is most important: We're going to win the NL pennant, and last year against Boston, we were exposed for not having a big bat to hit in the DH spot at the American League ballpark. I don't care if they guy can play a lick in the field—he doesn't need to—we just need to rent a big hitter for the end of the season.

Okay sport fans, time for you to click on the comments link and name me some names...

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TUCK! said...

Your observations are sound, but I just have one question: who do you deal to get any one of the items on your shopping list?