Sunday, November 06, 2005

NFL Week Nine Quick Picks

It's Sunday morning, and I'm rushing to make my picks for this afternoon's games. Honestly, I have no freaking idea about this week. I could go undefeated or I could look like W. Bush at an unscripted press conference. Well, here goes...

Detroit at Minnesota: Brad Johnson vs. Joey Harrington? Pick—Vikings

Oakland at Kansas City: Trent Green and the gang bounce back after a tough loss at San Diego. Pick—Chiefs

Atlanta at Miami: I've been burned three times already this season picking against Miami at home against good teams. Pick—Dolphins

Tennessee at Cleveland: If this were a college game, they'd call it the " bowl." Pick—Titans

Carolina at Tampa Bay: These teams are moving in opposite directions, and Delhomme is miles better than Chris Simms. Pick—Panthers

Cincinnati at Baltimore: Maybe the Rams should think about interviewing the soon-to-be-available Brian Billick to succeed Mike Martz. Pick—Bengals

Houston at Jacksonville: No comment needed. Pick—Jaguars

San Diego at NY Jets: You can't win in the NFL without a QB, Herm Edwards. Pick—Chargers

NY Giants at San Francisco: You can't win in the NFL without a QB, Mike Nolan. Pick—Giants

Seattle at Arizona: You can't win in the NFL in Arizona, Dennis Green. Pick—Seahawks

Chicago at NewYorkBatonRougeSanAntonio: Tom Benson is pond scum. Pick—Da Bears

Pittsburgh at Green Bay: At least Cowher has the sense not to start Tommy Maddox. I think Favre could upset them, but I'm gonna trust the Pittsburgh defense today. Pick—Steelers

Philadelphia at Washington: Now that they've finally pushed the "eject" button on ├╝ber-selfish team cancer Terrell Owens, the Eagles should come together with a big sigh of relief and a big game against the now-exposed Redskins. Pick—Eagles

Indianapolis at New England: Peyton Manning is Bill Belichick's bitch, and unless he can win this game, he always will be. That's too much pressure to overcome on the road. Pick—Patriots

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