Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Pre-Season Superbowl Picks

I'm not picking a winner for tomorrow's game, but since I'm not above getting a good laugh at my own expense, here's what I had to say about this year's Superbowl participants in my NFL preseason predictions:

Pittsburgh Steelers—With both running backs hurt and Ben Roethisberger poised to experience a sophomore slump, I can’t expect the Steelers to repeat another title run. (And now, Tuck will attempt to light my hair on fire...)

I picked the Ravens to win the AFC North, with the Bengals third. Doh!!!

Seattle Seahawks—The so-called experts like Seattle to win the division again this year. My question is why? They should have the helmet logo in the dictionary under "inconsistent."

I had the Rams picked to win the West. I am such a homer it's almost sickening.

Then there were my playoff picks...

NFC Division Winners:
St. Louis
(all wrong!)

Wild Cards:
Carolina (correct)
Dallas (doh!)

AFC Playoff teams:
New England
San Diego
(right on two)

Wild cards:
New York Jets (what?)
Houston (uh, I had just taken some cough medicine...)

Oh well, if you can't be right, at least be funny! I'm going to root for the Steelers, but I think it's just plain bad karma for them if I officially pick them to win, don't you?


TUCK! said...

From one of my favorite movies, "Miller's Crossing"

Tom: I don't like saying
"I told you so," and I don't like people who do.

Johnny: You were right about Mink...

Tom: I told you so.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

(Go Steelers)

Sandman said...

LOL, you magnficent bastard!