Friday, August 29, 2008

That's why we call him "El Hombre"

If the Milwaukee Brewers don't make the NL playoffs this year--especially if they are caught and passed by the Cardinals--they will almost certainly look back at Wednesday night's game with angst and regret. Just as Jim Croce warned us about tugging on Superman's cape and spitting into the wind, you just don't mess around with El Hombre.

Brewers reliever Carlos Villanueva was certainly pumped up after putting what was, for all intents and purposes, the last nail in the coffin of the Cardinals' season. There was only one problem. Instead of merely celebrating, he decided to point to the Cardinal dugout. I can certainly understand why he would feel this way; the Brewers were about the knock out the division's perrenial champion, the team that had for so long stood in their way.

The problem was, El Hombre didn't take it that way. Albert Pujols charged out onto the field and called Villenueva out in front of his teammates, the home crowd and Cardinal nation. Literally dangling on the precipice of elimination, the Cardinals pulled another escape worthy of the Road Runner.

Now the hard work begins. The Cards still have 3-1/2 games to make up and no margin for error. But as I said in a previous post, there's just no argument for anyone else to be NL MVP other than "El Hombre": Albert Pujols.

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