Sunday, October 24, 2010

It takes four quarters, guys

Well, the Rams let another win get away, and this was the most inexcusable loss so far. For a team that has shown signs of improvement from the recent dismal past, today was a significant step backward. The Rams, after jumping out to a 17-6 halftime lead, gained less than 100 yards and didn't even get close enough to even try a field goal that would have won the game. Instead, they let their defense try to hold the lead for two full quarters, which they couldn't do. In addition, they dropped at least three sure-fire interceptions and missed recovering a Josh Freeman fumble.

I don't blame the defense; they played as hard as they could, considering they were on the field for 20 minutes in the second half. Blame a boring offensive scheme that doesn't have a plan B if Steven Jackson can't gain 10 yards in three downs. Sam Bradford was wasted today with dink and dunk three-yards passes. The kid has a great arm; let him throw the ball downfield, especially when teams are loading up the line to stop Jackson.

The real shame of this game is that the Rams were the better team and should have won the game going away. The puzzling thing is figuring out why the Rams coaching staff couldn't figure out how to make it back to the Tampa 30 yard line just one more time today. I guess it's a sign of progress that the Rams have raised expectations, but now it's time for them to start meeting them.

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