Sunday, October 09, 2005

NFL Week Five picks

Hi, everybody. I was out of town this weekend, which meant the preceding week was insanely busy. I'll be out of town this coming weekend, too, so who knows about the posts? Quickly, the Cardinals sweep the Padres, which means they'll be underdogs nationally when they play Houston (East Coast bias favors former Yankees pitchers Clemens and Petitte). The Blues should have stayed on strike; as Mel Brooks once said, they stink on ice. The Vikings have a bye week, which is about the only thing that can save them now. The White Sox swept away the eternally obnoxious Boston Red Sox, which sent my schadenfreude meter through the roof. I'll do my best to post more this week, but they'll all be short—such is the life of a college instructor, alas!

NFL Quick Picks:

Green Bay (H) over Saints—Favre finally gets a win.

St. Louis (H) over Seattle—The Rams own Seattle at the Jones.

Tennessee over Houston (H)—I like the way the Titans look, despite their record; Houston has been a big disappointment.

New England over Atlanta (H)—Vick's hurt, and everyone's writing off the champs.

Cleveland (H) over Chicago—'s Bill Simmons is recommending a Favre to the Bears trade. Well, yeah, they could use a QB!

Tampa Bay over NY Jets (H)—Vinny Testaverde is older than me!

Detroit (H) over Baltimore—Ravens have no QB, and the Lions played tough on the road last week.

Miami over Buffalo (H)—I don't like the Bills anymore, not one little bit.

Indianapolis over SF (H)—What's the spread here, like three touchdowns?

Carolina over Arizona (H)—Don't get so exciting; it was the Niners, after all.

Denver (H) over Washington—I think both these teams are bogus, but Denver's at home, so...

Philadelphia over Dallas (H)—McNabb for President; this guy is battle-tested and crazy tough.

Cincinnati over Jacksonville (H)—I think the Bengals are for real, and Jax hasn't shown me a thing yet.

MONDAY: San Diego (H) over Pittsburgh—the beatdown in Foxboro was one of the most impressive wins I've seen.

Last week: 10-4

Season: 37-23 (.617)

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TUCK! said...

Really, you're going to have to get these picks in earlier, so when I mock you about them (the Rams, the Iggles and especially the Bills!)(I mean, new QB, dude) I'll look smarter when it's done BEFORE you're wrong!!! LOL

On the other hand, I have MNF: Yeah, the Chargers beat up on New England. So? Bellicheck hisself would take the Steelers D at this point...

Blues: Nothing a new owner can't resolve. Rumor has it they're in the market for Mikka Norronen. Which is great if he can score from the right side -- a stretch for any goalie, sure, but I guess Pleaumustgeau kneaus something we don't..!

Cards: Can't wait to hear all the reasons the Astros "blew it" a week (or even a year) from now.

And I COULDN'T BE SICKER about the Yankees getting ALL the close calls against the Angels last night. Why bother playing? Let's just ask Rupert Murdoch and "Larry" Bud Selig which teams "should" play in the Fall Classic...much more direct that way. AND we don't have to be disgusted by Orlando Cabrera's helmet, either.