Friday, September 30, 2005

NFL Week 4: Flip a Coin

Sorry, Sandlot readers, but this one's gonna be short. Tonight's my 10th wedding anniversary, so Mrs. Sandman gets my undivided attention, and you all get what's left of a typically useless Friday afternoon at work. BTW, in Sandman's Socialist Paradise, the work week ends on Thursday so every weekend's a three-day snooze-fest. On with the (abbreviated) picks:

Buffalo at San Antonio (neƩ New Orleans)
I don't trust Buffalo on the road for one minute, and the Saints will be fired up for something resembling a home crowd. Saints 24, Bills 10

Detroit at Tampa Bay
The Cadillac rolls on. Bucs 34, Lions 13

Indianapolis at Tennessee
The Colts are a better team than the Rams, but Tenn's at home... (flipping a coin) Heads, Indy. Colts 17, Titans 13

San Diego at New England
All hail the champs. Patriots 27, Chargers 20

Seattle at Washington
I'm not taking Seattle on the road unless someone spots me three touchdowns first. Redskins 23, Seahawks 18

St. Louis at New York Giants
The Rams suck eggs in the Meadowlands. Giants 38, Rams 23

Denver at Jacksonville
Yeah, I remember week one in Miami, suckers. Jaguars 31, Broncos 20

Houston at Cincinnati
The Bengals are going to be 4-0. (cue Michael Stipe "That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane...") Bengals 41, Texans 10

New York Jets at Baltimore
The battle of two teams without quarterbacks (Zzzzzzzz!) Ravens 9, Jets 3

Philadephia at Kansas City
McNabb hurt at Arrowhead? Uhhh, gimme KC, please. Chiefs 24, Eagles 17

Minnesota at Atlanta
Whoever's doing NFL scheduling has a sick sense of humor. Falcons 70, Vikings 3

Dallas at Oakland
Heads, Dallas; Tails, Oakland... (flipping coin) Raiders 20, Cowboys 14

San Francisco at Arizona
Does it even matter? Niners 17, Cardinals 6

Green Bay at Carolina
I'd feel a lot better about my schadenfreude at the Packers' misery if the Vikings didn't stink like a dead skunk. Panthers 27, Packers 13

Last week: 10-4
Season record: 27-19 (.587)

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TUCK! said...

So, you lead with the "10th anniversary" and end with "stinks like a dead skunk..." (write your own "she's gonna kill you dead" punchline).

Nice calls, overall. And congratulations -- has it really been 10 years already???

(More snarkiness tk next week. I mean, it's baseball playoffs, so good luck getting me to say anything at all about the NFL..!)