Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Just a quick note to The Sandlot readers:

I'm taking the weekend off to enjoy the Labor Day holiday. I'll be back next week with my always-controversial NFL season preview and picks, so start sharpening your swords and axes now.

I'm setting up a private league for ESPN's Pigskin Picks for Sandlot readers; this is the free weekly "pick the winners" football pool. Match your wits and predictions against the rest of the Sandlot community.

Many of us know people directly affected by the disaster in New Orleans. Prayer is always warranted, of course, but if you can donate time, money or resources to the relief efforts, that's a more practical way to help. If you know of resources that are looking for support, you can post the links in the comments section.

What about sports? Cards' magic number is 16, the Rams offense looks good, the Vikings are a tantalizing mystery, Mizzou's gonna stink in football and basketball, and if I had half a billion dollars I'd buy the Blues and hire Tuck as my President and GM.

Happy Labor Day.

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