Friday, January 06, 2006

Hey Brad, You Look Good in Purple

Now those of you who know me know that I’m always going to drink the purple Kool-Aid; it’s just part of being a Vikings fan. So you gotta know that I like their newest hire for head coach, former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress.

I think Zygi Wilf hired him for one main reason, and that’s character. Zygi was determined to clean up the Vikings’ “dirty” image throughout the country, and it’s clear that Childress was the best candidate to do that, and I get the sense that he will. One thing that’s been lacking in Minnesota for years has been discipline, and I get the sense from Childress that he will not tolerate the extracurricular sex, drugs and Whizzinators that have landed the Vikings on the police reports and punchlines for ESPN personalities.

He’s also a meticulous, detail-oriented obsessive type, perfect for a head coach in the NFL. He’s also been part of a winning organization. The Eagles have been, up to this year, the premier NFC franchise, and Childress is a big reason for their success. He’s coached Donovan McNabb to big-time success, and he should have similar success with Daunte Culpepper. I don’t believe for a second that Childress or Wilf have any intention of trading Daunte, shredded knee or not.

So how will Childress do? Who knows? I want to see who the Vikes name their GM, then they’ve got to pull off the draft without looking like idiots for the fourth straight year. Hiring Childress early gives him time to build a quality supporting staff of assistant coaches. My main point is that I trust Zygi Wilf when he says he wants to build a first-class organization in terms of both championships and personal character, so if Childress is his guy, then pass me another glass of Kool-Aid, please.

Saturday’s Wild Card games
Washington at Tampa Bay
I like Washington in this. Brunell’s got playoff experience, Gibbs is a proven playoff winner, and Clinton Portis has been unstoppable running through defenses. The Washington defense should also play hard as a way of showing their appreciation for their D-coord Gregg Williams signing a three-year contract extension that keeps him out of St. Louis or another head coach suitor. I don’t like Chris Simms in a pressure situation, even if he is playing at home. I’m picking Washington by about six points.

Jacksonville at New England
I want the Jaguars to win this one more than anything, but we’re talking about #$%@&*! New England at home in the playoffs, so now we have to endure another week of hearing about Brady, Belicheck, Bruschi, Vinatieri, et. al., ad infinitum. I hope Denver beats them by three touchdowns next week.

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