Friday, June 02, 2006

Why we must have a Miami vs. Dallas final...

Because the prospect of watching Dirk Nowitzki going up against Shaq is just too good to pass up. Of course, even though both teams are just one win away from the NBA Finals, the prospect of dual game sevens is distressing for a few reasons.

In the East, Miami needs to close out Detroit at home in game six. I don't like their chances if they have to go back to Detroit for a decisive game seven. In the same vein, even though a West game seven would be back in Dallas if Phoenix wins game six at home, the Suns have shown that they can steal a road game anywhere, and they've already won game sevens in their two previous series.

The possible Miami-Dallas matchup is intriguing because of the quality of their star players and their ability to play at both ends of the court. With Phoenix-Detroit, what you would get is fast-break offense against shut-down defense, which spells abject boredom (blowouts or low-scoring snoozers) for the casual NBA Finals fan such as myself.

For casual fans, it's all about the star power. Phoenix has Steve Nash, who is Canadian, which means he has about as much charisma as Bob and/or Doug MacKenzie (take off, eh! no, you take off, you hoser!). Who else plays for Phoenix? Yeah, that's my point. Detroit has a great starting five if you appreciate team defense, but they don't have any star power at all. Come on, does any kid in America really have a Rasheed Wallace poster on their wall? I don't think so.

With Dallas, you have Nowitzki, who looks like Lurch's little brother and sounds like Schwarzenegger's little brother, an absolute freak of nature--a seven-foot white guy who moves quickly and gracefully and can play in the paint, grab rebounds, make free throws and hit the three. He's one of the most exciting players to watch since Jordan was with the Bulls or when Kobe still had Shaq.

Speaking of Shaq, he and Dwyane Wade are one of the best current tandems in the league. Add in all the other "NBA Greatest Hits" talent--Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Antoine Walker--as well as Machiavelli-in-Armani coach Pat Riley, and Miami's easily the most interesting team in the league.

Finally, you want Dallas in because the prospect of watching David Stern handing the championship trophy to Mavs owner Mark Cuban is just to delicious to let slip away. Here's hoping Dallas and Miami both take care of business this weekend and give us an NBA Finals that's actually worth watching.

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TUCK! said...

Huh? The Panthers and the Stars have been out for over a month now??

Oh. NBA. Sorry. (You've been watching too much ESPN again, you know?)