Friday, April 04, 2008

Lazy Friday

Oh, it's a lazy, lazy Friday here at The Sandlot. All my professional colleagues have headed off for an early start on their weekend, leaving me alone to goof around on the Internet. Granted, this isn't really different from any other Friday afternoon for me, but at least I can watch YouTube videos without looking over my shoulder with my mouse poised on the "pause" button. (Check out the Weird Al Yankovic collection, faves are "Ebay" and "White and Nerdy." Just hysterical.

Most of you who read this blog already know this, but if not, I live in Tyler Hansbrough's home town, Poplar Bluff, MO. Most people around here are going nuts with the NC gear--my first grader was asking if he had a power blue shirt to wear to his school today for "North Carolina Day." Sorry, but I subscribe to Bill Simmons' idea that unless you went to that college, work for that college or pay for your kid to go to that college, you can't wear the gear. I'm Mizzou black and gold, through and through.

That doesn't mean I'm not pulling for Carolina. Their my bracket pick to win it all, and I feel confident that they should beat Kansas by double-digits. I also picked UCLA to beat Memphis, but I'm getting such a good vibe from Calipari's bunch this year. I felt that same vibe before last year's tourney and picked Memphis to make the Final Four in every single bracket they played. I think that made me a bit gun-shy this year, along with the way they got pushed around at home by Tennessee, a team I never thought highly of. So despite my brackets, I think Monday night will be North Carolina vs. Memphis. When's the last time both teams scored more than 100 points each in a college championship? Never...the only team that broke 100 was UNLV in 1990.

I know it's still early—really early—in the baseball season, but let's take a peek at the standings in the NL Central, shall we?

Somebody needs to alert the fans in Chicago to put those World Series victory parade plans on hold for just a day or two. Would somebody please explain the national fascination with a team that hasn't won Jack Schmidt in 100 years? No wonder we elect morons as our national leaders. Who ever heard of a culture that celebrated incompetence and failure like we do? I'd almost be happy if they did win a title just so everyone would shut the heck up about them. At least we don't hear about that stupid Red Sox curse anymore. Nah, I take that back. I hope the Cubs lose for another 100 years.

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mike said...

Sandman for President! I totally agree with your observation on the Cubbies. I swear if "this year is really going to be the year" it would have happened years ago. At least as a Redbirds fan I get to watch them go to an occasional playoff game or World Series.

I was bummed that Kansas won last night. I will admit that I proudly wore by black and gold tie to church when we beat them in football. For weeks I had to tolerate this guy in church wearing his Kansas sweater ot tie every Sunday. I'm not looking forward to this Sunday.