Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is why I don't ever vote Republican

from the case files of the morality police...

This story contains the shocking news that young, handsome, single, multi-millionaire NFL quarterback Matt Leinart was photographed drinking beer and soaking in a hot tub with young, beautiful single women.

It's a shame that young, handsome, single, multi-millionaire NFL quarterbacks are no longer allowed to use their age, looks, availability, money and fame to have a good time while they're young enough to enjoy it.

The continued existence of "party pics" from the University of Missouri from 1986-1990 effectively eliminates any possibility of my running for elective office. Way back when Dennis Miller was both funny and relevant, he asked an audience, "When did this country become Gladys Kravitz from 'Bewitched'?" Good question.

And yes, I have daughters. What if they were in the picture? First of all, I may not approve of the drinking, but if they were 21, all I could do is counsel for common sense and using a designated driver. As far as the hot tub goes, they all have swimsuits on, and last time I checked, this wasn't a Muslim nation. My girls could definitely do much worse than catching the eye of a young, handsome, single, multi-millionaire NFL quarterback.

Is this all we have left to be outraged about? Aren't we getting our asses kicked in two wars? Aren't we planning--that's right, actually planning--on paying $4 a gallon for gas this summer? People want to get worked up about this? "Young rich guy parties with pretty girls!"

Evidently this is what passes for offseason news for the Arizona Cardinals. Karma dictates we cannot pick them to finish above .500 this fall, does it not?

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