Saturday, September 27, 2008

NFL Week Four Picks—I'm back in the game! (updated with results)

After a dismal week three, I opted for mainly home cookin' last week, and I upped my percentage (now up yours) to .638--take that, experts! This looks like a boring week in the NFL, with the first round of byes, good teams gone bad and boring matchups abounding. Hope the NFL's not as upset-happy as the NCAA was this week; Mizzou better be grateful they had a bye, because most of the rest of the top 10 got beat. On with the picks!

Cleveland at Cincinnati
Even Ohio's tuning this game out. Since they both stink on ice, I'm going with the home team, who at least tried to win on the road against the Giants last week. But that doesn't mean I care.
Bengals 21, Browns 13 [CLE 20 CIN 12]

Minnesota at Tennessee
Yeah, I'm definitely not feeling the Gus Frerotte magic against the NFL's best head coach.
Titans 20, Vikings 7 [TEN 30 MIN 17]

Denver at Kansas City
If the NFL had a mercy rule, this one would be over at halftime.
Broncos 44, Chiefs 20 [KC 33 DEN 19]

San Francisco at New Orleans
Sure, New Orleans has no defense, but Frisco's gonna have to show me a road win in a tough venue before I'm volunteering to drink this Kool-Aid. Plus, Mike Martz never wins in the Big Easy.
Saints 27, 49ers 24 [NO 31 SF 17]

Arizona at New York Jets
Flip a coin. Yes, the Jets stink, but I hate Arizona on the road, despite my Warner for MVP campaign. Like the Niners, the Gridbirds gotta show me the money before I show them the love.
Jets 26, Cardinals 19 [NYJ 56 ARZ 35]

Green Bay at Tampa Bay
Well, it looks like Tampa is my pick kryptonite this year, so since I like the Packers, I'm picking the Bucs.
Bucs 31, Packers 27 [TB 30 GB 21]

Atlanta at Carolina
I'm thinking the Matt Ryan rookie year pattern is win, lose, win, this week, he's due for a loss.
Panthers 37, Falcons 23 [CAR 24 ATL 9]

Houston at Jacksonville
Jags got a huge lift with a big win at hopelessly diminished Indy last week. No way they're gonna roll over for the Moo Cows.
Jags 24, Texans 10 [JAX 30 HOU 27]

San Diego at Oakland
If Lane Kiffin is looking for a temp job after this week, there ought to be an opening in St. Louis. It couldn't possibly be worse than working for Al Davis.
Chargers 35, Raiders 17 [SD 28 OAK 18]

Buffalo at St. Louis
If St. Louis had gotten an expansion team instead of Jacksonville, they would have called them the Stallions. If the Rams were the Stallions, I could say, "They shoot horses, don't they?" At least in this case, they should.
Bills 41, Lambs 10 [BUF 31 STL 14]

Washington at Dallas
With all due respect to my loyal Steelers readers...Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 Superbowl Champions: The Dallas Cowboys!
Cowboys 39, Skins 27 [WAS 26 DAL 24]

Philadelphia at Chicago
I don't like the Bears bumbling offense against the nastiest defense in the league, even at home.
Eagles 24, Bears 13 [CHI 24 PHI 20]

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
I don't care who's hurt and how bad, there's no way Pittsburgh is going to lose a division game at home on Monday night.
Steelers 17, Ravens 13 [PIT 23 BAL 20]

This week: 9-4
Last week: 12-4
Season: 39-21 (.650)

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