Friday, September 19, 2008

NFL Week Three Picks (updated)

I got killed last week thanks to a bunch of stupid late-game comebacks. Looks like lots of home team winners this week. Well, let's roll the dice.

Kansas City at Atlanta
So, which is the worst franchise in Missouri?
Falcons 27, Chiefs 6 [ATL 38 KC 14]

Oakland at Buffalo
The Bills resurgence continues. How long until we see Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas up in the press box with Marv Levy. Let's party like it's 1995, baby!
Bills 35, Raiders 17 [BUF 24 OAK 23]

Tampa Bay at Chicago
Brian Griese has shown that he can't win in Chicago. Look for Lovie to be more aggressive with the offense in the second half to avoid another late loss.
Bears 23, Bucs 20 [TB 27 CHI 24]

Houston at Tennessee
The Titans are on a roll now with Kerry Collins providing stable leadership, while the Texans, like the Astros (now in free-fall), are a team without a city.
Titans 30, Texans 13 [TEN 31 HOU 12]

Carolina at Minnesota
Gus Frerotte at QB? Adrian Peterson injured? Panthers on a roll? Everything points to a sure-fire Carolina win, which is why they will lose. Remember, the Panthers are this year's pick kryptonite (win when they should lose, lose when they should win).
Vikings 24, Panthers 21 [MIN 20 CAR 10]

Miami at New England
The Matt Cassell era continues! In retrospect, Bill Parcells will be sorry for turning down Arthur Blank and the Falcons. The football gods will punish him and the Fish this year for his two-timing ways.
Patriots 31, Dolphins 10 [MIA 38 NE 13]

Cincinnati at New York Giants
Another big win for the defending champs, still playing like champs. Meanwhile, Marvin Lewis is still cashing paychecks.
Giants 38, Bengals 7 [NYG 26 CIN 23]

Arizona at Washington
Kurt Warner, MVP. This year. I mean it.
Cardinals 28, Skins 24 [WAS 24 ARZ 17]

New Orleans at Denver
Mike Shanahan, coach of the year.
Broncos 33, Saints 23 [DEN 34 NO 32]

Detroit at San Francisco
I think Mike Martz will unleash every trick in his arsenal to crush the team that was so inept they couldn't run his genius offense. Why does Matt Millen still work in the NFL? He's so incompetant, he should be part of Pres. Bush's economic team.
49ers 41, Lions 27 [SF 31 DET 13]

St. Louis at Seattle
The end of Scott Linehan (not his fault) and hopefully, GM Jay Zygmunt (all his fault).
Seahawks 31, Rams 20 [SEA 37 STL 13]

Cleveland at Baltimore
I think a well-rested Ravens team will handle the tired and already beaten-up Browns in a typical AFC North snoozefest.
Ravens 17, Browns 13 [BAL 28 CLE 10]

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
When one team only scores 10 against a team that gave up 28 to the team that gave up 38 to the team they're playing this week, and that team has an injured QB...I'm not saying, I'm just saying.
Eagles 34, Steelers 27 [PHI 15 PIT 6]

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
They should call last week's fourth quarter at Minnesota "How Peyton Got His Groove Back." Besides that, Indy simply OWNS the Jags, even last year when the Jags were good. Everyone on TV talks about how "physical" the Jags are, and how they "punched" Indy in the mouth. Uhh, guys, whydontcha check those final scores, eh?
Colts 29, Jags 16 [JAX 23 IND 21]

Dallas at Green Bay
Okay, here's the deal. Green Bay just barely squeaked by Minnesota at home, and the Vikings have no freaking offense whatsoever (yes, Peterson is great, but no one can run against 11 in the box, for Pete's sake). Meanwhile, Dallas just hung 41 on the great Philly defense. Aaron Rodgers, welcome to's called your first loss as a starter.
Cowboys 35, Packers 27 [DAL 27 GB 16]

New York Jets at San Diego
Stay unlucky, San Diego. They need to stop whining about last week and go take care of business. Mangini, in the meantime, seems to have forgotten that this Favre guy can kind of throw the ball a little bit.
Chargers 34, Jets 20 [SD 48 NYJ 29]

This week: 12-4
Last week: 8-7
Season: 30-17 (.638)

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