Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...(updated)

...the Vikings gave to me: Brett Favre as starting QB. It's week one of the NFL, and as usual, here are my game picks. These are the same picks I entered in's Pigskin Pick'em by the way, so I'm not being wishy-washy with my choices. Also, it's been a busy weekend, so my commentary will be brief. Check back later for results and recaps, and as always, I welcome your comments.

Pittsburgh (13) over Tennessee (10)
Yes, I got my pick in on time Thursday, so this counts.
...but it was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

Atlanta (19) over Miami (7)
Close game, but I'm giving Atlanta the home field edge.
...but give Miami's defense credit for keeping it close.

Cincinnati (7) over Denver (12)
Denver's on the road with no QB and Carson Palmer is healthy again.
...fluke plays like this game-ender are why I never gamble real money on sports.

Minnesota (34) over Cleveland (20)
I think AP may break 150 yards rushing today.
...Brett Favre will be the first one to tell you that this is Adrian Peterson's team. BTW, he had 180 yards and 3 TDs. You should have drafted him for your fantasy team, chump.

Indianapolis (14) over Jacksonville (12)
Watch Peyton light up the Jags defense with his corps of young receivers.
...or not. Whatever, we'll take the win ugly, too.

New Orleans (45) over Detroit (28)
The Saints might be my sleeper pick for this season.
...the Saints' offense is just scary this year.

Dallas (34) over Tampa Bay (21)
The Cowboys stink, but Tampa's in utter chaos.
...but can Tony Romo play this well every week?

Philadelphia (38) over Carolina (10)
Superbowl or bust for this Eagles team.
...just a reminder—I have Minnesota and Philly in my NFC Championship.

Baltimore (38) over Kansas City (24)
The Ravens are contenders, while KC is still in rebuilding mode.
...but give KC credit—they played a hard-fought, close game.

NY Jets (24) over Houston (7)
I still don't understand why so many people pick the Texans to have a good year.
...still don't understand.

NY Giants (23) over Washington (17)
It's hard to beat the Giants at home in the Meadowlands.
...the NFC East is just crazy tough—the best division in the NFL.

Arizona (16) over San Francisco (20)
Warner throws more than 300 yards and 3 TDs.
...uhhh, yeah, not quite. Guh.

Seattle (28) over St. Louis (0)
The Rams might win this game, but Seattle has a considerable home field advantage.
...if the Rams ever move, St. Louis shouldn't worry—they already don't have a professional football team.

Chicago over Green Bay
I like Chicago's defense better than the Packers', and Cutler gives the Bears enough offense to win.

New England over Buffalo
Tom Brady re-establishes his command of the football universe.

San Diego over Oakland
Al Davis could use an intervention.

Season record [as of Sunday afternoon]: 11-2 (.846)

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