Thursday, September 10, 2009

This won't come as a big surprise...

Okay, here are my NFL picks! Guess who I'm picking to win it all this year?

AFC East
New England Patriots—Brady returns with a grudge.
Buffalo Bills—Terrell Owens plays nicely with others.
Miami Dolphins—tougher schedule brings 'phins back to reality.
New York Jets—Mark Sanchez is no Joe least, not yet.

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers—the champs repeat.
Baltimore Ravens—still punishing opponents on defense.
Cincinnati Bengals—at least their offense will be entertaining.
Cleveland Browns—basically a tire fire.

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts—Manning throws for more than 30 TDs.
Tennessee Titans—Kerry Collins is old; Vince Young is bad.
Jacksonville Jaguars—tough defense, boring offense.
Houston Texans—go ahead, pick them as your sleeper.

AFC West
San Diego Chargers—win by default because this division is putrid.
Denver Broncos—Bowlen will regret turning his staff over last year.
Oakland Raiders—still a grease fire.
Kansas City Chiefs—in year nine of their "rebuilding" plan.

AFC Wild Cards
Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles—offense is full of playmakers; defense playing for memory of Jim Jackson.
New York Giants—Eli still needs better receivers.
Washington Redskins—don't like any of their QBs, especially since they cut Chase Daniel.
Dallas Cowboys—would you want Wade Phillips coaching your team?

NFC North
Minnesota Vikings—Brett Favre. Adrian Peterson. Vicious defense. The time is now.
Chicago Bears—Cutler plays well; defense is always tough.
Green Bay Packers—Rodgers plays well; defense stinks.
Detroit Lions—a floating oil fire.

NFC South
New Orleans Saints—an offensive dynamo.
Atlanta Falcons—taking a step back this year.
Carolina Panthers—happy trails, John Fox.
Tampa Bay Bucanneers—can you name anyone on their roster?

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals—Warner to Fitzgerald and Boldin.
San Francisco 49ers—Singletary needs a quarterback.
Seattle Seahawks—new coach, old QB, not much talent.
St. Louis Rams—better than last year, but still a long way to go, and I hate Marc Bulger.

NFC Wild Cards
New York Giants, Chicago Bears

AFC Championship
Pittsburgh over New England

NFC Championship
Minnesota over Philadelphia

Minnesota 27, Pittsburgh 24

That was probably the least surprising pick of all time, right?

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