Sunday, October 11, 2009

NFL Week Five: Quick Picks (update with results)

Had a big yard sale yesterday, so the weekend's been hectic. Here's today's picks...

Buffalo over Cleveland
This is a game that has pick disaster all over it.
Somebody stop me before I pick Buffalo again—Browns 6, Bills 3.

Pittsburgh over Detroit
Culpepper should throw three picks against Steeler defense.
Is Detroit improving, or should we be worried about Pittsburgh? Steelers 28, Lions 20.

Dallas over Kansas City
Aren't the Cowboys better than they've played so far?
I'm not sure they are, but does anyone think they're a legit playoff team? Cowboys 26, Chefs 20.

Vikings over Rams
I'll be angry if this game is even close.
This is exactly the kind of game the pre-Favre Vikings would have lost—Vikings 38, Lambs 10.

Giants over Raiders
Is Al Davis even still alive?
This was embarrassing, even by Oakland's low standards. NYG 44, Oakland 7.

Eagles over Bucs
McNabb returns to crush hapless Tampa.
Tampa looks like an expansion team again. Philly 33, Tampa 14.

Panthers over 'Skins
Carolina stinks, but Washington is even more dreadful.
Has anyone seen Jim Zorn's resumé on Carolina 20, Washington 17.

Ravens over Bengals
Contenders over pretenders in the NFC North.
Yes, the Bengals are for real, and the Ravens better figure out their offense if they want to be back in the picture. Cincy 17, Baltimore 14.

49ers over Falcons
Mainly because the game is in Frisco.
Holy asskicking, Batman! Guess the Falcons are a lot better than I thought, and the 49ers aren't quite as good as they've looked. Atlanta 45, SF 10.

Seahawks over Jaguars
Jax is due to lay another egg, and Seattle's a tough place to win.
Guess I was really, really right about this one. Seattle 41, Jax 0.

Cardinals over Texans
Kurt Warner gets his groove back at home.
Yeah, but what about that defense coughing up a big lead? Shaky...Arizona 28, Houston 21.

Patriots over Broncos
Let's see how "for real" Denver is this week.
Really for real. They're going to win the AFC West in a walk, and this was one of the most entertaining football games I've watched. Denver 20, NE 17.

Colts over Titans
Man crush alert! Man crush alert!
Peyton's got five consecutive 300+ passing yards games now, just one shy of the record. Their next opponent? The Lambs. I think he'll tie the record. Indy 31, Tenn 9.

Jets over Dolphins
Mainly a defensive game, I think, and NY gets the edge.
Not a defensive game, and entertaining score-fest that went to the wire. This is why we love football! Miami 31, NYJ 27.

This week: 9-5
Last week: 10-4
Season: 53-23 (.697)


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