Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL Week Six Picks: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Can an undefeated team get some love this week?

Minnesota over Baltimore
Commentators are still hating on Brett Favre, ignoring the fact that Baltimore has coughed up two games they should have won.

Cincinnati over Houston
Are the Bengals for real? It looks that way, but contenders win games like this—at home over a lesser opponent.

Green Bay over Detroit
The odds makers predict a Packer blowout, but that's residue of Favre-hatred, which is linked to an overabundance of Rodgers-love. The Lions will make this close, just not close enough.

NY Giants over New Orleans
Everything would seem to favor the home team, but I think the Giants are a much tougher team. If the Saints want to be the best, they have to beat the best.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Lose this game, and the Steelers may not get the chance to defend their title.

Carolina over Tampa Bay
A truly putrid match-up that really could go either way.

Washington over Kansas City
I've picked two or three games over the past few weeks billed as "can't miss" picks by the geniuses at ESPN Radio. They've missed every one. They love KC at DC this week. Ergo, take the 'Skins.

Jacksonville over St. Louis
Lambs simply do not have enough talent to beat this defense on the road. Plus, stupid mistakes are killing whatever momentum they generate.

Seattle over Arizona
The Gridbirds should win this one going away, and they could if they play to their potential, but I haven't seen it yet—they can't get one game where offense and defense both play well at the same time. Seattle's huge win over Jax at home last week should carry over into this divisional game.

Philadelphia over Oakland
Only watchable for die-hard Eagles fans.

New England over Tennessee
Should we start worrying about Jeff Fisher's job? Is this unthinkable?

NY Jets over Buffalo
I really thought the Bills would be better than this, but they may be worse than the Rams.

Atlanta over Chicago
I think Lovie Smith needs a better offensive staff. His D is stout, but explain why Kyle Orton is lighting it up in Denver when he couldn't even start in the Second City.

Denver over San Diego
I'm no fool—when you're rolling sevens, keep laying your money on sevens.

Last week: 9-5
Season: 53-23 (.697)

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